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Pre-Primary (18 mo. – 36 mo.)

Ages: 0 – 12 months

Half-day, Extended day, and Full day programs available.

Ages: 18 months-3 years (Children are not required to be toilet trained to enter this program.)

The Pre-Primary environment provides opportunities for social experiences beyond the family. Children learn to be part of a community and to develop their individuality. The main objectives are to guide children in the development of independence, coordination, language, cooperation, concentration and to improve of their fine motor skills.

This is a critical period of growth and development for a child. In this warm, loving, ordered environment, children are free to explore and grow cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally, while fostering self confidence and a positive self-image. This is a sensitive period of the child’s life in which the child is prepared to understand academic concepts.

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“Never do for the child, what he/she can do for himself/herself” -Maria Montessori

Admission Open 2024-25, Limited Seats Available!
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